AdBlue Prices in the UK

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AdBlue Prices in the UK

AdBlue Prices in the UK

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What is AdBlue?

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) AdBlue aids in lowering the hazardous pollutants that diesel vehicles create. It prevents harmful Nox emissions from your exhaust system and is made of urea and deionised water.

AdBlue is poured into the exhaust system in tiny amounts while your automobile is running. As a result of their interaction with the dangerous Nitrous Oxide (NOx) gases, nitrogen and water are produced. It helps your Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) perform more efficiently by cutting NOx emissions by up to 90%.

Calculating AdBlue Prices

AdBlue Price Per Litre

A UK company’s AdBlue expenses go above the product’s per-liter cost. By buying in bulk, many companies aim to lower their AdBlue expenses. To store the AdBlue solution safely, you’ll also need to buy a storage tank, along with pumps for dispensing. It’s wise to take these expenses into account when comparing AdBlue supplier prices.

AdBlue Prices in Smaller Packs

Like with other things, the price increases as the volume decreases. Smaller quantities of AdBlue, like a 10-litre pack, will cost more to purchase. However, if you only need a pack size or two or three packs, you generally won’t need a storage facility, so that’s one less expense to consider.

AdBlue Prices in Barrel

When buying a container of 205 litres, you will have to pay less per litre than smaller AdBlue packs. For these barrels, you will be required to buy a pump for taking out the AdBlue solution.

AdBlue Price

AdBlue Prices in Bulk Quantities

When buying a 1000L Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC), AdBlue costs start at just 48p per litre and go higher if you want to buy a smaller quantity. The price per litre of AdBlue decreases as the amount needed increases.

Storage Cost of AdBlue

Proper storage is essential for keeping AdBlue free of pollutants, will aid in maintaining its quality and prevent any harm to your vehicle. If you don’t properly store your AdBlue, you run the chance of damaging it, which could increase the cost of replacement. Depending on the quantity of AdBlue, the storage costs may vary for different scenarios.

Why Do Prices of AdBlue Change?

The AdBlue prices vary depending on the prices of raw materials (water and urea) used to make it. As the UK has no active plant for urea processing, which means that urea’s demand can be a major factor affecting price fluctuations.


On average, a full tank of AdBlue should last 6,000–7,000 miles. AdBlue has around a 600-mile range of service life per litre. However, this range may vary based on the amount of fuel your vehicle is consuming.

Your car’s diesel engine won’t be able to comply with the most current emissions regulations if you don’t utilise AdBlue. The engine will emit much more nitrogen oxide (NOx) than is permitted by law if AdBlue is not used. This may result in fines and perhaps endanger the engine and other components of your vehicle.

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