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CHP Biofuel

CHP Biofuel is a sustainable method of generating power and heat. Get in touch with 123 Oil today, to get yours.

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CHP Biofuel is one of the most eco-friendly substitutes for heating oil, and it is available here at 123 Oil. The generation of combined power and heat can be quite hazardous for our environment, and it has been so for many years. But with CHP biofuel, the damages are lessened. As we believe in positively contributing to our environment, we have stocked up on high-quality CHP biofuel for all.

We carefully process and generate this lubricant on our own. It is generated through reprocessing of clean waste oils. This helps us provide the highest quality lubricant to our clients and it also helps us feel confident about the generation of biofuel.

OFGEM Approved Biofuel

123 Oil feels proud to state that OFGEM approves our CHP Biofuel. We generate and produce our biofuel through sustainable sources and thus, the quality that we can provide is hard to find anywhere else.

An Insight to CHP Biofuel

CHP biofuel, also known as combined heat and power biofuel, is a substitute for fossil fuels. It is usually sourced through plants that are rich in oils naturally. Biofuel is generally generated through vegetable oils, but it can also be produced through animal materials, waste oils, etc. Our company also uses other byproducts and we assure you that whatever we utilise to generate biofuel is 100% renewable and sustainable too.

The biggest concern that many of our clients put forth is whether this biofuel can be used as an alternative for diesel? Yes, it can be used as a substitute for diesel, and you can successfully reduce harmful carbon emissions.

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Biofuel is available in different grades. This depends on the combination of fuel with diesel. For instance, if we look at B7, we know that it consists of 7% renewable fuels and 93% diesel. On the contrary, B100 is a 100% renewable biofuel. There are a variety of factors that affect the grades, i.e. weather, location and much more.

How is CHP Biofuel Beneficial for You?

If you are new to the world of lubricants, you will have concerns. And we are more than willing to address all of them for you. Many clients come forth with how CHP biofuel can be helpful for them or their company.

Firstly, CHP biofuel is biodegradable and is free of all types of toxins. Secondly, it reduces the carbon emissions to up to 85% or even more. Moreover, the CHP Biofuel that is bought through us, is guaranteed to meet all the OFGEM requirements and standards. And it also meets the European standards for lubricants.

You can get a free quotation from us, right now. We are just a call away and we will get back to you, within a short time.

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123 Oil

123 Oil, Your one-stop hub

123 Oil feels proud to state that we are the ultimate, one-stop hub for meeting all lubricant needs for people around the UK. We are the most trusted supplier of lubricants in the UK and have a standard delivery time of 24 to 42 hours only. No matter where you are located in the United Kingdom; we will get your parcel delivered to you, within no time. Our national coverage makes us stand out.

Even if your location is hard to reach, our baby tankers can get the task done. We feel gratified to state that we have been providing lubricants to all nooks and corners of the UK, in all types of weather.

Lastly, our vast buying power makes us one of the most reliable choices to make. We are always stocked up with the highest quality lubricants. So whether you want CHP Biofuel or Carbon Offset red diesel or heating oil; we are here to help you.

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It is time to get your CHP Biofuel today. We have it stocked up for you. So get in touch with us today and place your order now. If you have any queries regarding CHP Biofuel and you wish to know more; feel free to give us a call and our customer service will help you in all ways.


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