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Oil Tank Replacement

An expert can notice problems that a regular homeowner might miss, like rust on the inside or small cracks that can expand into big leaks. Homeowners often wonder what the suitable time to replace an oil tank and they are worried about their home heating systems. This worry can be especially important when moving into a new home. Even if you know the oil tank replacement is not needed for a few more years, you should still have it checked when you move to a new house.

Signs That Indicate the Need for Oil Tank Replacement

If your home oil tank is older than 15 years, you will likely need to buy a new one. An annual service of your oil tank will help the technician to inspect and examine when to replace it. If you see any of the below signs, you need to get an Oil Tank Replacement.

Dent and Rust:

A major problem with a fuel oil heating system is rust. Rust in the fuel tank can prevent fuel from flowing freely, clogging the fuel lines and the filter. Dent in the tank’s exterior may be a warning sign of a more serious issue on the inside.

Wet Spots:

An oil tank leak is hazardous to the environment and may also cost you more money and cause loss of oil. Wet patches around your oil tank are a sign of upcoming oil tank leakage. Schedule a tank check as your priority if you notice any wet patches around your oil tank.

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Oil Leakages:

Straying oil near the tank, especially around the indicator or on the ground, indicates a leak, which is a sign of an urgent oil tank replacement.

Exposure to Extreme Cold:

If the tank is outside or in an area where snow could make its way into the tank, it can result in damaged or collapse, so get it examined by our expert before further damage.

Types of Oil Tanks:

You can put a few different types of oil tanks in your home, and which one you choose will affect your costs; the following are some types of Oil Tanks.

  • Above-ground Indoor Tanks:
    These huge oil tanks are usually kept in a basement or garage connected to the main house.
  • Above-ground Outdoor Tanks:
    Most of the time, these are close to the house, on the side or the back.
  • Underground Oil Tanks:
    Possibly the most expensive to construct, these oil tanks are buried underground, out of sight, and typically unnoticed. Typically, the supply pipes for the tank are also buried below. However, the fill pipe must be positioned above ground for convenient filling.
Oil Tank Replacement

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The Process We Follow for Oil Tank Replacement:

Follow the below procedure for getting our domestic oil tank replacement.

Meet and Greet Our Team:

Our team will arrive at your location at the agreed time on the day of replacement.

A Quick Assessment of Your Oil Tank:

Our qualified engineers will come to replace your oil tank and will bring all the tools and materials required to perform their job. They will have a thorough look at the condition of your old tank.

Oil Transfer

All clean, usable heating oil in your tank will be pumped into a holding vessel; however, contaminated oil will be removed and disposed of at an approved site.

Removal and Recycling of Your Oil Tank

The old oil tank must be properly removed, disposed of and recycled. Our team of Domestic oil tank replacement will ensure that it is efficiently disposed of without hurting the environment.

Preparation for New Oil Tank

Our team of home oil replacements will adjust the base. However, if new bases for replacement are required, we will provide you.

Full Installation Check and Clean Up:

Our engineers will make sure that your oil tank is operating correctly. They will also clean the area so that no equipment and waste are left behind.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Oil Tank Replacement:

Heating oil tank replacement costs depend on several factors:

  • Location
  • Tank size
  • Tank type
  • Proximity to the Furnace

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