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Fuel Uplift Services

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No need to worry about redundant fuel onsite anymore. With 123 Oil, this dilemma is now solved. We offer professional fuel uplifting services at market competitive prices.

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Are you experiencing the dilemmas of redundant fuel or oil onsite? We are here to solve it for you.

Redundant fuels must be removed from site safely before they spill and enter the water source or the ground levels. In the UK, it is legally prohibited and you must be very careful about it. This is where our team of pros comes in to help you.

If your fuel is good to be recycled, we will convert this wasteful asset into a useful one for you. We remove the oil and residuals, and make it undergo the process of fuel polishing to boost it back to its efficacy and perfection. However, we make sure that our technicians check in with the fuel first and give us a thumbs up for it to be good to be recycled.

If the fuel isn’t good to be recycled and is badly contaminated, we will dispose of it, according to the regulations of the legal authorities of the United Kingdoms. We are quite strict about following the environmental guidelines that have been set out legally.

Why Choose 123 Oil?

Why choose 123 Oil for fuel uplifting services? Well, we have been in the industry for years. Our experience makes us stand out as it adds to our knowledge and helps us deeply understand the ins and outs of lubricants. No task is too huge for our team of pros to handle.

Please keep in mind that we do not offer fuel uplifting services for less than 2000 liters.

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How do we Uplift Fuel?

We follow a 3 step procedure for fuel uplifting:

Our process begins with a free site survey. It is then followed up by a technical assessment of the material. This is crucial as it helps us evaluate the condition of the material and its value as well. Furthermore, it is important to determine a method of recovery as well.

Based on the evaluation a plan for removal of the lubricants is set out which poses no risk or harm to the environment. We then go on to remove the primary material.

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We also go on to manage the removal of tank residues. Our team also manages to de-gas the tank if required. It can also be decommissioned.

If you have any requirements that you want us to follow, we also do personalised fuel uplifting services for our customers. However, the evaluation procedure remains intact as it is very important to assess the fuel before it undergoes any process. Also, personalised fuel uplifting is also more costly than the regular procedure. Thus, we highly recommend our clients to go with the standard method. However, we do abide by the command of our customers and do as they please.

Your wish is our command!

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If you want us to uplift fuel for you, you can simply get in touch with us today and we are here to help you out.


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