Contaminated Fuel Testing for Commercial and Domestic Users

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Contaminated Fuel Testing

Contaminated Fuel Testing in the United Kingdom

We are suppliers of different fuels and lubricants with an experience of over five decades. From supplying our products to the commercial sector and domestic users to providing other services such as waste fuel collection and contaminated fuel testing, we have established an impeccable repute nationwide.

Get Your Fuel Tested

Fuel testing is required to check the contamination of fuel. Idle fuel can get easily contaminated by some types of bacteria and fungi. The primary cause of this is water, such as rainwater or moisture in the air. The microbial growth either occurs on the storage tank walls or between the oil surface and the layer of water. These types of microbes do not need oxygen to survive, and this is why they can persist for months if the fuel is not decontaminated. We have been carrying out contaminated fuel testing for years, including testing of diesel contamination.

Contamination Through Misfuelling

If mistakenly your car has been filled with the wrong fuel, for instance, you have accidentally filled your diesel vehicle with petrol or vice versa, it needs to be removed from your engine and tank. This can be a costly mistake if you try to run your vehicle and if you do not treat it on time. This can seriously affect your ECU (Engineer Control Unit). No matter where you have made this mistake, whether within the city or on the highway, get in touch with us for an immediate solution.

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Protect Your Engine

Dirty tankers, dirty storage tanks, and improper storage can all contaminate fuel. The engines of modern vehicles cannot tolerate contaminated fuel for long. Moreover, it may clog or wear out your fuel injectors, filters, and fuel pump. We will send our fuel fixers, who will first carry out fuel testing and remove the contaminated fuel from your engine. Our technicians will next flush the car’s fuel lines with 100 % clean fuel. This resets your engine, and your car can get back on the road again.

Watch Out for Symptoms of Contaminated Fuel

Fuel filters that get clogged frequently are the first indication of contaminated fuel. The filter’s job is to prevent particles of metal, sludge, or dirt from making their way to your vehicle’s engine. A clogged filter will put pressure on your fuel pump, which will eventually lead to its failure. In addition to this, the contaminated fuel will also affect your injectors which are intricately engineered. It will directly wear out the nozzles which are responsible for spraying fuel for effective combustion.

Contaminated Fuel Testing

Available 24/7 We are here to help refuel your plant or heating oil tank

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These will altogether affect your vehicle’s performance and reduce the life of your engine. Replacing all these parts will also cost you money. Save these unnecessary repairs and replacements by calling us to carry out contaminated fuel testing in time.

We test for:

  • Water content
  • Sulphur
  • FAME content
  • Density
  • Excess metals
  • Microbial contaminants
  • PCB testing
  • Viscosity

Safe Testing and Removal Process

We use tools & equipment that are completely compliant with HSE, DSEAR, and ATEX regulations and have all the necessary approvals from all other relevant departments. Whether you have misfuelled your vehicle or have used contaminated fuel, our technicians will take special care that no such activity is performed which invalidates your car warranty.

Disposal of Contaminated Fuel

We will not only rescue your vehicle from contaminated fuel but also dispose of it properly. Our technicians are authorised and licensed for transporting, storing and safely disposing of contaminated fuels.

Emergency Services Available

Our technicians are available for any emergency you are in. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we will provide you with immediate remedies. Our phone lines are accessible twenty-four hours a day and regardless of your location. Whether your emergency is a supply shortage or a vehicle with contaminated fuel, our technicians are trained for every situation.

Why Are We the Best?

  • More than 50 years of experience in supplying lubricants and fuels.
  • Nationwide supply
  • Premium quality products
  • Available around the clock and throughout the year
  • Fast delivery 24-48 hours
  • Same-day deliveries

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