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FAME Biodiesel

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester Biodiesel

Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) is produced during the transesterification of vegetable and animal oils. The physical qualities of fatty acid esters are more similar to fossil fuels than those of vegetable oil, but they vary depending upon the type of vegetable oil. FAME has physical qualities similar to traditional diesel. It is non-toxic and biodegradable as well.

How is FAME Diesel Produced?

Using the process of transesterification, vegetable oils, animal fats and waste cooking oil is used to create FAME. A glyceride combines with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst to generate a mixture of fatty acid esters and alcohol during the transesterification process. When triglycerides are used, glycerol is produced.

Transesterification is a reversible process that takes place by combining all the reactants. As a catalyst, a base or acid might be utilised. As catalysts, sodium or potassium methanolate is commonly used. Although current pump diesel contains up to 7% FAME, higher level of FAME content up to 100% are not rare.

What is Transesterification?

When an ester is exposed to a large amount of alcohol in the presence of either an acid or base, alkoxyl groups can swap. An excessive amount of alcohol is used to propel the reaction forward. As a by-product of the reaction with the alcohol, three lower molecular weight esters (FAME) are formed. Our FAME biodiesel suppliers use the most prevalent transesterification process, which occurs with the reaction of an ester with alcohol in the presence of an acid catalyses.

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Production of FAME Biodiesel

During the biodiesel synthesis process, fatty acid methyl esters are produced. To manufacture FAME biodiesel, the major components are listed below:

  • Used cooking oils
  • Tallows/ animal fat
  • Rapeseed oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Palm oil
  • Soya oil

The increased global demand to meet renewable volume obligations can only be fulfilled by biodiesel production. Manufacturing of biodiesel is a low-cost process; the fuel’s oxygen content makes it less useful than renewable diesel created through a hydrotreatment process.

FAME Biodiesel

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How can FAME Diesel Cause Contamination Problems?

Biodiesel is a substitute for diesel, derived from recycled oils, fats, and plant oils. Fatty Acid Methyl Esters are formed during the production process and are blended into the gasoline.   According to the standards of European diesel fuel, a maximum of 7 % FAME should be included. But in recent years, the levels have reached closer to the maximum limit. Gasoline provided to the market remains within the specifications; the two fundamental properties are contributing to the obvious shift to diesel.

  • It is hygroscopic, which means that it draws and retains water. For a long duration of time, the issue of water content in fuel is causing sludge, mould, and bacteria. More FAME means more water which also leads to increased growth of bacteria.
  • It serves as a detergent, removing the leftover debris and contaminants from the tank walls and the whole network of pipes it passes through, which end up in the fuel itself.

How Can I Avoid Fuel FAME Contamination?

There are several recommended practices to follow when storing, combusting and transporting FAME-containing fuels. Our FAME biodiesel company suggest the following recommendations.

  • Any equipment that is regularly exposed to FAME should be constructed of FAME-friendly materials.
  • An annual test to check the percentage of FAME in the diesel should be conducted.
  • The placement, size and frequency of modifications of filters should be evaluated.
  • To reduce the possibility of particulates dropping out and clogging, keep the fuel temperature above the cloud point.
  • A variety of fuel additives promise to prevent the frequent blockage and clogging caused by FAME-containing fuels. Ensure that additives are used in the correct proportions and according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Price Range of FAME Biodiesel

Our FAME biodiesel price is much less than our competitors. We provide quality FAME biodiesel at a reasonable price. We do not compromise on standards and quality; hence we provide biodiesel in an affordable range.

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