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What Is a Lubricant?

It is a substance that reduces friction and wear and tear in moving parts of a machine, a car engine, etc. They also reduce noise and repair costs by keeping the parts working smoothly.

From a small domestic machine to a giant industrial mammoth, lubricants are used in all mechanically moving machines on every scale. However, their industrial applications require bulk quantities, which are difficult to procure, handle and transport, which is why it is preferred to hire industrial lubricant suppliers to make things easy.

123 Oil, with a staggering experience of more than five decades and a fast and efficient logistics team, has become one of the most reliable lubricant suppliers in the UK. No matter the quantities you require, we ensure fast and timely lubricant delivery at your location anywhere in the UK.

Why Should You Use Lubricants?

Increased Wear and Tear: Not using lubricant in industrial machines and engines leads to increased friction and wear between moving parts, causing accelerated deterioration of components.

Chance of Overheating: Without proper lubrication, industrial machines and engines are more susceptible to overheating as lubricants also act as coolants to dissipate excess heat generated during operation.

Reduced Efficiency: The absence of lubricants reduces the overall efficiency of the machinery, resulting in higher energy consumption and diminished output.

Increased Noise: The lack of lubrication can cause increased vibration and noise due to heightened metal-to-metal contact during operation, potentially indicating imminent mechanical issues.

Premature Failure: Critical components, such as bearings, pistons, and cylinders, are at risk of premature failure when operating without adequate lubrication, leading to costly repairs or replacements.

Increased Repair Cost: Industrial equipment without proper lubrication requires more frequent maintenance, resulting in increased maintenance costs and more downtime for repairs.

Decreased Lifespan: The overall lifespan of industrial machines and engines is significantly reduced without appropriate lubricants, shortening their operational life and efficiency.

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Get a Complete Range of Lubricants

123 Oil has a vast catalogue of lubricants to cover all the industry sectors in the UK. We only procure and supply top-of-the-line lubricants available in the market. No matter the type and quantity of the lubricant, all you need to do is name it. Here is a list of lubricants we are providing:

  • Industrial lubricants
  • Marine lubricants
  • Automotive lubricants suppliers
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Food grade lubricants
  • Agricultural lubricants
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Commercial lubricants

Other Kinds of Oils We Provide

Along with industrial and automotive lubricants, 123 Oil also provides a wide range of coolants, fuel oils, and heating oils.

  • Process oils
  • Gear oils
  • Fully synthetic engine oils
  • Multipurpose greases
  • Biodegradable oils
  • Heavy diesel engine oils
  • Light diesel engine oils
  • Transformer oils
  • Automatic transmission fuels
  • Passenger car engine oils

Get a Free Lubricant Health Check

Do you feel your machine is reducing its efficiency, making more noise than usual or increasing repair costs? Maybe it is time to inspect the health of its lubricant. You can contact 123 Oil; we have a team of experts who will arrive at your location to check the health of your lubricant for free.

They will inspect the condition properly, and if there is a problem with the system, they will provide suggestions to eradicate it as well.

OEM Approved Lubricants

Your business operations must keep running perfectly and smoothly all across the year. Nobody wants an unwanted halt in their business tasks. This is why 123 Oil is here to help you out. We offer OEM approved oils and lubricants to all our customers to ensure that their business operations keep running seamlessly.

Other Kinds of Oils We Provide
Swift and Reliable Lubricant Delivery Services

Swift and Reliable Lubricant Delivery Services

123 Oil, with its five decades of uncompromising services, has become a leading lubricants and oil supplier in the UK. We have our depots across the UK ensuring a swift delivery service. From 205-litre oil drums to a whole tanker, our teams are working hard to ensure timely delivery to our clients. We are offering:

  • Emergency oil delivery services
  • Same-day delivery service
  • Next-day delivery service

At 123 Oil, we are committed to providing only top-of-the-range products to our customers at a highly competitive price tag. That is why we only procure the products of the top and most reliable lubricant manufacturing companies.

Benefit from our 50 years of experience, choose 123 Oil for your lubricant supplier and ensure top quality and timely services for your needs.

Why Choose 123 Oil?

  • 50 years of experience in efficient services.
  • Dealing with all kinds of oils, lubricants and coolants.
  • An efficient logistics team and a wide network of oil depots across the UK ensuring timely delivery.
  • A vast team of engineers and technicians to provide repairs, tank removals and other services.
  • Highly competitive prices.
  • Clear and transparent communication and pricing system.


An industrial lubricant is any agent that reduces the friction between mechanical components of the machines to overcome heat and minimise wear and tear.

The industrial lubricant penetrates the contacting surfaces and smoothens the microscopic pumps, and sags on them to reduce the friction between the moving parts.

Industrial lubricants should be stored in a cool and dry place. Make sure they are at a sufficient distance from any source of heat and ignition and properly sealed to prevent any contamination.

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