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Tank Inspection

Why Do You Need a Tank Inspection?

If a business involves storing toxic substances or fuels such as hydrocarbons, they have to eliminate or mitigate the risks involved. Any such business has to ensure that there are no leakages and that the fuel or chemicals are not contaminated by external factors.

Many chemicals are inert, i.e. they will react with external factors, and they need special storage conditions. Different types of fuels and lubricants stored in tanks can suffer from leakage or contamination. This is why periodic inspection is highly useful. Our tank inspection company will inspect and carry out tests on your storage tanks and stored fuels to make sure that your stock is safe from both internal and external factors.

Prevention of Leakages

Storage tank inspection can be highly useful in preventing leaks. The leakage of your fuel and lubricants is a loss for your business. Both are expensive commodities, and if there is constant leakage in your storage tanks, you will be losing a lot of investment. Period inspection can identify any issues with your storage facilities, including corrosion, or serious deterioration, which can end up making holes in your storage tanks and eventually lead to excessive leakage.

Our tank inspection team will protect your investments from any such unpleasant surprises. Moreover, inspection will also ensure that your storage facility complies with regulations and standards so that you do not run into legal trouble.

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Prevention of Fuel Contamination

Fuels such as diesel can be contaminated while being stored. Contamination is usually in the form of water, which promotes the growth of microorganisms such as some special species of bacteria and fungi, which can survive without oxygen. Fuel can also get contaminated by accidental mixing with other types of fuels. Contaminated fuel will affect engines and vehicle parts. Fuel tank inspection can identify any such contamination before it spreads beyond an uncontrollable or untreatable level. Our technicians employ the latest technology and tools to test fuel for contamination. Let us know how we can help you.

A Trusted Company for Inspection

We are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fuel and lubricants with an experience of over five decades. This considerable experience and the expertise of our team make us ideal for carrying out inspections, including diesel tank inspections.

Tank Inspection

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We offer you complete inspection and maintenance services for both AST (Above ground storage tanks) and UST (Underground storage tanks). Our inspection services may include:

  • Tank inspection to check the presence of water
  • Inspection for checking leakages
  • Assessment of corrosion
  • Studying the impact of environmental factors
  • Hydrotest
  • Density tests
  • Welding procedures
  • Checking for compliance with safety standards and local regulations

Protecting the Environment

It is the responsibility of oil, fuel, or chemical storage businesses to take all necessary measures to ensure that the environment is protected at all times. Unnecessary leakages of toxic substances should be avoided at all costs. Even though many engine oils are not toxic, they can harm plants and vegetation. Regular oil tank maintenance can keep your investment as well as the environment safe.

Staying Out of Trouble

Many regulations, such as the HSE, apply to storage facilities. Non-compliance with these regulations and standards can create legal problems for you, and you may end up paying heavy fines. It is best to hire professionals who can not only inspect your storage site but also keep you away from trouble.

Keep an Eye on Your Tanks

The following signs indicate that you need immediate tank inspection:

  • Discolouration of your tank
  • Cracks in your tank
  • A sudden reduction of your liquid level can indicate leakage
  • Rust
  • Oil staining
  • Bulging

These signs can be noticed by anyone and indicate that you need to call the experts.

Cost of Inspections

Oil tank inspection cost or fuel tank inspection cost depends on several factors. The size and number of the tanks are two factors which will decide the cost. The type of fuel they store and the required inspection are two other common factors. We offer one of the most competitive rates for inspection of your storage tanks.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • 50 years of experience in dealing with lubricants and oils
  • A vast supply network that covers the entire nation
  • A qualified and licensed inspection team.
  • Low response time
  • Latest tools and equipment for carrying out inspections and testing

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