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123 Oil is your one-stop hub, to meet all your lubricant and fuel requirements. We have been supplying kerosene oil, across the UK, for many years. With our amazingly competitive prices, reliable services and rapid delivery, we are one of the most trusted suppliers in the industry.

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We have a team of expert suppliers who can get bulk kerosene oil to you, within no time. Being one of the most locally trusted suppliers in the UK, we can fulfil all types of amount requirements for our customers.

Whether you need a barrel quantity or you are looking for a huge bulk amount, contact 123 Oil today and we are here to help you. We are proud to state that we can deliver up to 36,000 litres of kerosene oil to our customers without any dilemmas. Whether you are a commercial customer or a domestic one, our team will bring you the best quality heating oil for your usage.

If you require kerosene oil for your business, you can contact our team and discuss your business requirements.

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We also provide free quotations to our customers. So if you want us to be your business supplier, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us and discuss your needs. Our team will evaluate the possible costs and give you a free, non-obligatory quotation.

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Upgraded Quality and Guaranteed Top Notch Providers

We get kerosene oil from the best manufacturers. We supply the best quality heating oil for all. As people of the UK place their trust in us, we make sure that we buy from the best manufacturers only. We upgrade our quality all the time. With us, you have nothing to worry about. From quality to reliable and efficient services, we have it all right here.

Why Choose Us?

123 Oil is your best bet for all the right reasons. We have been dealing in lubricants and fuels for a long time and with years of experience, we have gained fantastic knowledge which helps us deliver impeccable services to all.

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Why are we the best bet for you, though?

We are the only lubricant supplier in the UK, who offer you a standard delivery time of 24-48 hours. If you want the heating oil to be delivered in a shorter time frame, you can also contact our emergency delivery team.

123 Oil is well known for its nationwide fuel deliveries. Our team delivers all types of fuel and lubricants to your doorstep within the stated time frame. So no matter where you are located in the UK, you can rely on us for the best delivery services ever.

Moreover, we are one of the very few suppliers who supply bulk kerosene oil in the UK. From as low as 500 litres upto 36,000 litres; we bring you any amount that you want. We have vast buying power, which helps us cater to all types of needs. We also supply less than 500 litres of heating oil; there is nothing to worry about.

Lastly, we have the best kerosene oil prices in the UK. We are highly affordable and fit in all types of budgets easily. With nothing to worry about, our team at 123 Oil is undoubtedly the best bet, to meet all your lubricant requirements.

What is Kerosene Fuel?

At 123 Oil, we have been associated with Kerosene for almost 30 years. Since the mid-19th century, Kerosene has been used for cooking and heating. But since the industrialisation era, the use of Kerosene has changed. Before, it was used for producing energy, but now it is most commonly used by businesses and households to warm the temperature. But the demand for Kerosene rarely dropped. Compared to solid fuels, biomass and coal kerosene is a cleaner alternative. It is a combustible oil that has a low viscosity.

History Of Kerosene

Since the mid-19 century, Kerosene has supplanted the more costly whale oil as a lighting fuel and lamp oil. Kerosene has turned into a significant family, business, and modern-day fuel. In the top half of the twentieth hundred, the pervasiveness of family lamp oil lighting diminished a lot and accessibility of gas energised spread significantly, especially in developed nations. The invention of Kerosene goes back to 1851. Samuel Martin Kier is an American businessman credited for creating the petroleum refining industry. He used distillation on crude oil to create carbon oils, leading to Kerosene’s first discovery. Kerosene was a primary source of heat and light before the era of electrification.


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    The Rise of Kerosene In the UK

    Domestic kerosene oil has been on the rise since the 1920s. The UK has had several companies providing some of the best kerosene heating oil prices. Every commercial business in the UK is still using Kerosene on its site. 123 Oil is a top-rated diesel and kerosene oil company based in the UK. We also provide emergency kerosene services. If you run out of Kerosene, we can be there in hours. So it’s easy to say that with the rise of Kerosene 123 Oil has kept up its services.

    Production of Kerosene

    The equipment called the heart of the refinery is an atmospheric distillation unit that is dozens of meters high. It is a device that separates crude oil by using the difference in boiling points. The principle is simple. It is the same as the distillation process of whiskey, which uses the difference in boiling points of water and alcohol to extract alcohol. Crude oil is first fed from the tank into the furnace and heated to 360°C. The vaporised crude oil is blown into the atmospheric distillation unit from below. As the vapour rises, its temperature decreases, so components with lower boiling points become liquid.

    How Dangerous Are Kerosene Fumes?

    Kerosene heating oil suppliers have always maintained the safety regulations for Kerosene. An accident can be caused if 400 litres of kerosene leak out. Although Kerosene is not very harmful, if you inhale a dangerous amount of kerosene fumes, the pain in your throat will subside a little and then come back again. There is no smell of Kerosene, but you can tell if the vaporised material is coming up because the air becomes slightly sour. Of course, the symptoms will get worse after that. So always keep ventilation in mind.

    How Safe is Kerosene Indoors?

    In the simplest terms. Yes, it is safe to use Kerosene indoors. Many people have been doing it for a long time. About 1% of Kerosene contains a substance called xylene, a biotoxin. The toxicity level of Kerosene is considered dangerous once it breaches the classified level of xylene, which is level 4, not most commonly used in households.

    Benefits Of Using Kerosene

    Kerosene comes with a lot of benefits. Here are some of them.

    • Durability

    Kerosene can be used for a long time. Kerosene’s powerful power and sturdiness make it a perfect choice even in cold climates.

    • Affordable

    Even if you consider the running cost, you will be happy about the highly affordable price compared to gas. Also, since the heat generated by Kerosene is large, even machines with small tanks work well while costing you less.

    • Environment Friendly

    Kerosene produces fewer fumes than coal and wood, making it a better environmental alternative.

    Uses of Kerosene

    Back in the day, Kerosene was used for Cooking, lighting, and heating. But now it is mainly used as a heating oil and jet fuel. However, Kerosene is used for different needs in many parts of the world. Here are some of the uses of Kerosene.

    • Household Uses

    Historically Kerosene was used to produce energy, cook food, and provide light in the house. Lamps were run by Kerosene till the 1950s. After the rapid change in electricity, the use of lamps disappeared, as did Kerosene. But even now, most houses use Kerosene to heat their boilers and water heaters.

    • Aviation Eses

    Jet engines are powered by kerosene oil mostly because it does not burn too fast at a high temperature. It is highly flammable, making it perfect for the demand of a plane.

    • Cleaning Liquid

    Kerosene can also be used to remove lubricants on bikes, cars, or other machinery.

    • Entertainment Uses

    Most public entertainment, like circus and magic tricks, use Kerosene to perform fire tricks. It is a safer alternative to other flame sources while still performing a mind-blowing fire trick.

    Types of Kerosene with Application

    • Heating oil kerosene is used for Domestic heating.
    • Kleenburn Kerosene is also used for Domestic heating
    • Premium kerosene is used for Heating buildings with no chimneys.
    • Odourless Kerosene is used as a solvent and lubricant
    • High flash kerosene is also used as a Solvent.
    • Jet fuel kerosene is mainly used as an Aviation fuel.

    Why Kerosene is Perfect for Heating Purposes

    123 Oil provides bio kerosene heating oil almost everywhere in the UK. In this day and age, Kerosene is mostly used as heating oil. While there are other alternatives out there. Here is what makes Kerosene perfect for heating.

    • High proficiency: more intensity is delivered per unit volume of lamp oil than for elective energises, like gas or power
    • Moderateness: low costs of fuel make it one of the least expensive ways of warming your home or working environment
    • Security: the warming oil flaunts a perfect consumption, with low carbon monoxide discharges

    Can It Go Bad Like Other Fuels?

    Some may have heard that Kerosene is perishable, so you shouldn’t use old Kerosene. Does Kerosene have an expiration date like other fuels? Simply put, Kerosene does not have an expiration date, so some people may think it can be used even if it is old. But if you keep it in storage too long, it can become contaminated with water and other materials. If used, it can cause damage to your equipment. So always test your Kerosene to see if it has been stored for a long time before using it.

    Why choose 123 Oil for Kerosene Heating Oil?

    • Harmless to the ecosystem: with choices, for example, Kleenburn Lamp fuel, premium lamp oil and mass purchasing choices, 123 Oil strives to save the climate.
    • Free fuel: never run out of fuel with our group checking your utilisation and giving tips as required.
    • Adaptable instalment: We allow you to pay in the manner that suits your financial plan and timetable.
    • UK fuel conveyance inclusion: 123 Oil delivers all around the UK, so any place you want your fuel, we can get it to you
    • Standard 24 to 48-hour service: We could convey within a couple of hours because of our every minute of the everyday service module.
    • Practical: 123 Oil can offer you appealing kerosene prices thanks to our capacity to purchase in mass quantity.

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