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Fuel Monitoring

Your tank’s oil levels can be displayed from inside the office , pc, smart phone when using an oil tank gauge.

You will never have to worry again about the possibility of running out. They can also help you to detect sudden oil drops which could be a result of a tank leak, or oil theft. Moreover, by being able to monitor your oil consumption it is easier to reduce and save money on your overall costs.

The oil tank gauge works by setting up two components, a transmitter, and a receiver unit. The transmitter fits most oil tanks and many modern tanks no need for drilling a basic installation with a strong adhesive sealant.

The transmitter monitors the level of fuel remaining inside a tank, together with usage and sending the information to the receiver unit office, pc , smartphone or all three.

All devices can be fitted in minutes and are easy to install without any interruption of supply.

We can offer a total fuel management service whereby we will fill your tank automatically.


fuel monitoring

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