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Industrial heating oil is a fuel oil used to heat buildings and power boilers and furnaces in various industrial settings. It is also known as “commercial heating oil” or “industrial fuel oil.”

In industrial applications, heating oil is stored in large tanks and delivered to the point of use through pipelines or tanker trucks. The oil is then burned in boilers or furnaces to produce heat, distributed throughout the building or facility through a network of pipes or ducts.

123 Oil, with a staggering experience of decades, is trusted nationwide and ranks among the UK’s top industrial heating oil suppliers. Call us, and we will execute an efficient and swift industrial heating delivery to your location anywhere in the UK.

Why Prefer IHO Over Gas Oil for Commercial Heating?

  • Industrial heating oil has a density that is higher than diesel fuel, which means it is heavier and takes up less volume.
  • Industrial heating oil has a higher viscosity and flash point than diesel fuel, which means it is less likely to ignite at normal operating temperatures.
  • Industrial heating oil produces more heat as compared to gas oil due to its higher heating value per unit volume

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Versatile Uses of IHO

Industrial heating oil is used in a variety of industrial and commercial settings for heating and energy production. Some of the most common applications include:

Space Heating: Industrial heating oil can be used to provide heat to large commercial and industrial buildings, such as factories, warehouses and offices.

Process Heating: Industrial heating oil provides heat for industrial processes, such as drying, baking, and curing.

Power Generation: Industrial heating oil is used as a fuel source to generate electricity in power plants and other energy production facilities.

Boilers and Furnaces: Industrial heating oil is commonly used as a fuel for boilers and furnaces in many industrial applications, such as in the production of paper, textiles, and chemicals.

Agriculture: Industrial heating oil is used to heat greenhouses, barns, and other facilities requiring temperature control.

Transportation: Industrial heating oil is used as a fuel source for trains, ships, and other transportation vehicles that require a heavy fuel oil with a high energy density.

Benefits of Using Industrial Heating Oil?

High Energy Density: IHO has a high energy density, which means it can produce more heat per unit of volume than other fuels. This makes it a cost-effective fuel source for businesses that require a lot of heat, such as industrial processes, large buildings requiring heating, and drying operations.

Cost-Effective: IHO is often less expensive than other fuel sources such as natural gas and propane, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses that need to manage their energy costs.

Reliable: IHO is a stable fuel source that is readily available, making it a reliable choice for businesses that require a consistent fuel supply.

Easy to Store: IHO is highly convenient to store and transport, making it a highly befitting source for businesses that need to manage their fuel supply.

Safe: IHO is a non-toxic and non-explosive fuel source, a safer choice than other fuels. It is also subject to safety regulations and standards to ensure proper handling and storage.

Low Maintenance: IHO equipment typically requires less maintenance than other heating equipment, such as natural gas or propane. This is because IHO burns cleanly and produces fewer contaminants, reducing the need for maintenance.

Long Lasting: IHO equipment is designed to last for many years, providing long-term value to businesses that use it. This is because IHO equipment is built to withstand the high temperatures and stresses of industrial use.

Versatile: IHO can be used in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from heating buildings to powering industrial equipment. This makes it a versatile and flexible fuel source that can meet the needs of many different businesses.

Industrial Heating Oil Suppliers

Why Choose 123 Oil as Your IHO Supplier in the UK?

  • Our experience, efficiency, and trust make us the leading industrial heating oil company.
  • We have the knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality fuel and excellent service.
  • Our focus on efficiency ensures that our customers receive their IHO quickly and reliably.
  • We value trust and transparency in our relationships with customers, which is why we are ranked among the top industrial heating oil suppliers.
  • We provide honest and clear communication, fair pricing, and reliable deliveries.
  • Our team of experts is always ready to offer advice and support whenever needed.


Industrial heating oil is a derivative of crude oil that is refined to meet specific industry standards for heating purposes. It typically has a higher viscosity and sulphur content than other types of fuel oil, such as diesel fuel.

Switching to industrial heating oil can offer cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and environmental benefits for your business.

IHO can be used in many heating systems, including furnaces, boilers and space heaters.

IHO is typically delivered by tanker truck and stored in aboveground storage tanks on the business’s premises.

Yes, IHO is safe to use in heating systems designed to use this fuel type. However, it is safer to contact the manufacturer and follow their instructions to prevent any unpleasant incident or malfunction. 

The price of IHO can be affected by various factors, including market demand, supply chain, location, disruptions, and fluctuations in the price of crude oil.

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