The Benefits of Using AdBlue

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The Benefits of Using AdBlue

Benefits of Using AdBlue

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Understanding AdBlue

AdBlue, also referred to as AUS32 (Aqueous Urea Solution), is a diesel exhaust fluid that is used in diesel vehicles to reduce harmful NOx emissions. 


AdBlue is made up of 67.5% of deionised water and 32.5% of urea.

Working of AdBlue

Burning of fuel in diesel engines produces polluting compounds and chemicals such as nitrogen oxides, which can accumulate in the atmosphere and cause acid rain and smog. To prevent the emission of these compounds, AdBlue is utilised; it functions via a process known as selective catalytic reduction to neutralise harmful NOx.

The AdBlue solution is sprayed on the exhaust gases before any emissions, which releases ammonia (acts as a catalyst for the chemical reaction) and converts harmful chemicals into water and nitrogen. 


How Does AdBlue Benefit You?

Let’s delve into the benefits of using AdBlue:

Reduces Harmful Emissions

The AdBlue solution reacts with the harmful Nitrogen Oxide and converts it into nitrogen and water, significantly reducing the amount of NOx particles produced by exhaust emissions. This process lessens harmful gases that would otherwise enter the atmosphere and be trapped there, contributing to global warming by creating the Greenhouse Effect.

Environmentally Friendly

Other than neutralising NOx, AdBlue is a highly environment-friendly compound in some other ways as well. The substance itself is categorised in the UK’s safe minimum risk category for transportable fluids, indicating that diesel-powered cars don’t pose any additional risks to road users or themselves. In short, AdBlue renders the automotive sector more eco-friendly and helps to preserve the environment.

It is Available in Bulk Quantities

The availability of Adblue in larger quantities is its major benefit. AdBlue is frequently required for large diesel vehicles, particularly those used in the transportation sector. Hence, it needs to be on hand.

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