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Red diesel is a specific white diesel variant for untaxed vehicles and machinery. It has minimum taxation and cannot be used in regular diesel engine vehicles. For this purpose, a distinctive red dye is added to the fuel to identify the illegal use of red diesel in domestic or commercial taxed vehicles. These infractions can result in legal actions, heavy fines and even vehicle detainment.

However, a number of sectors are legally utilising red diesel for multiple applications, including domestic power and heat generation, agriculture and more. Red diesel can be highly beneficial for eligible sectors due to its low tax conditions. You can contact 123 Oil for an uninterrupted and timely delivery of red diesel. With over 5 decades of efficient services, we are your go-to suppliers for red  diesel delivery in London or anywhere in the United Kingdom.

Eligible Sectors for Red Diesel

The UK Government changed the policy for red diesel use, which rendered many sectors ineligible to use red diesel. However, multiple sectors and businesses are still entitled to utilise red diesel for limited purposes, including the following:

  • Rail transport
  • Travelling fairs and cruises
  • Agriculture, fish farming, horticulture, and forestry
  • Sailing, boating and other marine transport
  • Non-commercial power generation and heating
  • Community sports clubs and amateur golf courses

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Red Diesel Delivery across London and Surrounding Areas

123 Oil has an extensive network of warehouses nationwide to ensure 24/7 prompt and reliable red diesel delivery across the UK. Our extensive experience and a vast team of trained and well-equipped professionals distinguish us from other red diesel suppliers in the area.

Our teams are ever ready to deal with any fuel emergency, taking swift action to ensure reaching on-site within hours to replenish your red diesel supply. The sheer reliability of our services provides peace of mind to you with the fact that your needs will be promptly addressed at 123 Oil.

You can contact our services anytime to book your red diesel supply at market-competitive rates.

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At 123 Oil, we prioritise customer satisfaction through unmatchable delivery services and affordable prices. Whether you need red diesel in small quantities for domestic use or in bulk for commercial or industrial purposes, we are your trusted and reliable red diesel supplier in London. Contact us to schedule a red diesel delivery today.

Why Choose 123 Oil?

  • Experienced company serving the nation for over 50 years.
  • Highly efficient and swift red diesel delivery system all across the UK.
  • 24/7 local and nationwide fuel delivery services.
  • Same-day and next-day fuel delivery services.
  • Highly competitive prices for premium products and services near you.
Red Diesel Suppliers


There is no structural or chemical difference between red and white diesel. The only difference between both variants is the colour; red diesel, as the name suggests, has a red colour.

The main purpose of adding the red dye is to distinguish the fuel from DERV due to its low tax. This is specifically to benefit non-taxed vehicles and sectors such as agriculture and construction machinery.

Red diesel has extremely low tax conditions compared to other vehicles. That is why it is only allowed in off-road and non-commercial vehicles and a handful of other sectors and processes.

Red dye does not harm the engine or fuel tank in any way. However, we recommend you carry out a regular fuel tank inspection to maintain its integrity.

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