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123 Oil: Trusted Red Diesel Suppliers

123 Oil has been delivering fuel, including red diesel, to industries, businesses and farms for over four decades. Our company is based in the UK, allowing us to deliver red diesel within 48 hours.

As a leading red diesel supplier in West Midlands, we have a long heritage in the fuel industry; therefore, we assure you that you will get only the best quality red diesel.

Understanding Red Diesel

Red diesel, also known as gas oil, is allowed for off-road industries and vehicles. Though the same as regular diesel, it attracts far less fuel duty; therefore, it is dyed red to prevent illegal use on public roads and vehicles.

Red diesel is minimally taxed; therefore, it cannot be used for normal cars, and the red dye helps authorities identify if it’s illegally used.

Who Can Use Red Diesel?

Red diesel is allowed for limited purposes and industries; red diesel suppliers in West Midlands provide diesel for the following:

  • Rail transport
  • Agriculture and fish farming industry
  • Horticulture, forestry vehicles and machinery
  • Marine transport/marine craft refuelling, sailing and boating
  • Non-commercial purpose – fuel used for electric heating and generation
  • Circus machinery and travelling fairs

Who Has the Authority to Buy Red Diesel?

  • Though red diesel is allowed for limited vehicles, you are not required to hold a specific licence to buy it.
  • However, companies that supply red diesel need to sign an RDCO (Registered Dealers in Controlled Oil) form and register themselves with HMRC.
  • 123 Oil is a reputable and responsible fuel and diesel supplier; therefore, we ensure that our red diesel is always used for a legitimate purpose.

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What Can You Get from Using Red Diesel?

123 Oil is the leading red diesel supplier in West Midlands. If you need red diesel, you can contact one of our representatives to state your needs, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

Here is why choosing red diesel for your off-road vehicle is an ideal choice:

  • You can use red diesel for heating oil, heavy machinery or agriculture machines.
  • The machinery may involve tractors or bulldozers.
  • Red diesel is inexpensive as it is taxed and regulated differently than other fuels.
  • As a result, red diesel is an ideal choice for heavy and large machinery that consumes considerable fuel.
  • Another reason is that it generates more heat than average gasoline.
  • You can also use red diesel in construction machinery, such as cranes, backhoes or skid steers.

Red diesel is easily transportable and available in abundance; contact us, and our approved local red diesel suppliers will deliver the diesel to your site.

What Cautions Should You Take When Using Red Diesel?

  • As it gains heat instantly, it is only used for heating heavy machinery instead of normal cars.
  • Therefore, when using red diesel, you must comply with all the instructions, rules and warnings to prevent any risk of fire and explosion.
  • And, most importantly, only purchase it from authorised dealers and distributors like 123 Oil.

Red Diesel – A Cost-Effective Yet Useful Solution

Buying red diesel for a legitimate purpose helps you save money because it is an economical alternative to white regular diesel.

Considering the rising cost of diesel, 123 Oil purchases red diesel in bulk and provides our customers with unbeatable prices. 

Why Should You Buy From 123 Oil?

  • We are dedicated red diesel suppliers in West Midlands, providing same or next-day delivery.
  • We have tankers of all sizes; no matter how much quantity you need, you can count on us.
  • With our vast buying power, we guarantee competitive prices throughout the year.
Red Diesel Suppliers in West Midlands

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Red Diesel

Red diesel is referred to by numerous other names, such as:

  • Gas oil
  • Agriculture diesel
  • 35 seconds
  • Tractor diesel
  • Cherry juice
  • Digger fuel
  • Marine diesel

Yes, you can run your boiler on red diesel, but it depends on the make and model of the boiler.

For instance, if you have a vertical boiler, you can use red diesel to heat your home. However, one thing to remember is that it is an expensive option than other heating methods.

Red diesel has the same chemical composition as white diesel, so it is safe for car use. However, it is illegal for road vehicles.

No, carrying two diesel cisterns is unlawful.

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