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It is crucial to prioritise used oil waste management as a key component of your environmental responsibility. 123 Oil helps you comply with regulations and plays a significant role in promoting sustainability efforts through its efficient waste oil removal process. Contact 123 Oil for the best waste oil collection and disposal service in Birmingham or anywhere in the UK.

With our waste oil collection, you can effectively carry out old oil disposal and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone.

Waste oil disposal service provided by 123 Oil is a multi-step process that involves used oil collection, storage, transportation, and recycling. As a leading oil disposal company, 123 Oil is here to handle the entire process from start to finish.

Importance of Proper Used Oil Collection Service:

Many commercial establishments, such as manufacturing, cooking, and automotive industries, produce significant amounts of waste oil. If disposed of improperly, this used oil can cause extensive contamination of soil and water resources, causing severe ecological implications. To prevent such risks and ensure environmental and public health, 123 Oil collects and disposes of the waste oil in a safe and responsible manner.

Why Choose Our Waste Oil Collection Service in Birmingham

Scheduled Pickups: We offer a customised collection of commercial waste oil services that cater to unique business requirements, guaranteeing prompt and efficient used oil pickup services and their disposal.

Adherence to Regulations and Documentation: We are certified waste oil collectors, ensuring your commercial oil disposal is carried out in an environmentally responsible manner, strictly complying with legal regulations.

Safe Management: Waste oil is a hazardous material that requires careful handling by trained professionals. Our used oil collection service ensures transportation and processing with minimal environmental impact. Our professionals follow strict protocols and guidelines to safeguard against spills, leaks, and contamination and use specialised equipment and techniques to manage the waste oil in a responsible manner.

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Waste Oil Management | Advantage for Companies

Environmental Responsibility: One way to positively impact the environment is by responsibly managing industrial oil recycling. This involves waste oil collectors that collect used oil from various sources, such as restaurants, automotive shops, and industrial facilities and process it to remove impurities and contaminations. The resulting clean oil can then be reused in a variety of applications, such as for heating or powering machinery.

Legal Compliance: By following local and national regulations, we can prevent penalties arising from improper oil waste disposal services. With 123 Oil, you can save costs by avoiding fines and maintaining operational efficiency via efficient commercial waste oil collection in Birmingham.

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Professional waste oil collection services in Birmingham by 123 Oil promote sustainable business practices and help businesses meet legal requirements while contributing to the community’s well-being.


123 Oil serves businesses of all kinds, including restaurants, auto repair shops, manufacturing facilities, and more.

At 123 Oil, we take environmental regulations seriously and follow all guidelines for the proper disposal and recycling of waste oil.

In addition to collecting waste oil, we provide a range of complementary services, including waste or used oil recycling and consultation on sustainable oil management practices that are beneficial to the environment.

Ans: You can easily get in touch with us through our website or hotline, and we’ll be happy to discuss your business needs and set up a tailored waste oil collection plan that fits your requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure your waste oil is collected and disposed of in a safe manner.

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