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Waste Oil Collection in Cornwall


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Commercial waste oil collection in Cornwall reduces business costs, contributes to environmental protection, and ensures regulatory compliance. According to UK regulations, every commercial oil disposal must be done safely and sustainably.

123 Oil is your trusted partner for waste oil collection in Cornwall. Our company takes pride in delivering top-notch services for responsible waste oil removal and industrial oil recycling, working in commercial oil collection and disposal for 50 years.

Your journey towards eco-friendly and efficient waste oil solutions starts with us.

Our Commercial Waste Oil Collection Procedure

  • We visit your location and conduct a technical assessment of the material, analysing its condition.
  • We develop a waste oil collection plan, undertaking risk assessment.
  • We remove the primary material.
  • We carry out the tank residue removal and tank degassing.

We offer a range of bulk waste oil collection and disposal services to businesses and organisations in the UK.

Post Collection Treatments

We don’t just offer used oil collection services but a comprehensive waste management solution for this hazardous material. Our post-collection treatments include:

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We believe in providing sustainable services; therefore, our priority is to recycle waste oil. The recycling process may vary based on the type and nature of the waste oil. The general steps involved in waste oil recycling are:

Dewatering: The removal of any water content from the oil.

Filtration: Removes all additives and inorganic impurities.

Distillation: Involves boiling oil to separate different components and making it reusable.

Hydrotreatment: The removal of excess oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine, and sulphur from the oil to ensure its purity.

Waste Oil Disposal

The oil that cannot be recycled is disposed of. It’s a hazardous waste and needs to be disposed of appropriately at the designated sites. As a registered oil disposal company, we carry out old oil disposal using methods that are compliant with all regulations and environmental standards.

We Buy Your Surplus Oil

You get paid for your surplus oil as we buy it. After oil removal from your site, we will test its quality to check whether it can be reused or recycled. If it’s reusable, we will sell it at a market-competitive rate.

Our Comprehensive Services

Our team is not only an expert waste oil collector; we provide multiple services according to your requirements:

  1. Nationwide Delivery of Oil and Lubricants
  2. Fuel Management
  3. Environmental Services
  4. Fuel Uplift Service
  5. Technical Support
  6. Fuel Polishing
  7. Priority Contracts

As a nationwide fuel and lubricant supplier in the UK, our company can supply you with quick and timely delivery, typically on the next working day.

Waste Oil Collection
Waste Oil Collection

123 Oil | Why Our Waste Oil Collection Service?

  • Operating 365 days for nationwide oil supply and waste oil disposal services.
  • Collecting and removing whatever amount of oil you have stored at your location.
  • Providing emergency services of lubricants, red diesel and kerosene oil.
  • 50 years of experience in the oil fuel distribution industry.
  • Available 24/7 for customer support.
  • Housing all the needed equipment and expertise to remove your waste oil.
  • Certified and prompt delivery services.

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123 Oil leads in providing used oil pickup services. Our skilled and professional waste oil collectors will follow all safety regulations when collecting oil from your site; based on its condition, we may take it to a refinery where it will be recycled.


We have over 50 years of experience in the old oil collection and gasoline distribution industry. We are accessible for businesses 365 days a year. Providing lubricants, kerosene, and emergency red diesel is our area of expertise.

We offer our services of waste oil collection in Cornwall (with a quantity of at least 2,000 litres) for the following fuels:

  • Kerosene Oil
  • Diesel
  • Red Diesel
  • Biofuel
  • Industrial Heating Oil
  • Hydraulic Oil

Waste oil collection lowers your business expenses, protects the environment, and ensures regulatory compliance.

If your oil is in good condition, we will buy it from you and take it to a recycling centre, where it will be recycled for reuse.

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