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Proper waste oil disposal is mandatory, ensuring it does not pose any risk to humans, the environment, or wildlife. Improper removal and disposal of waste oil is unlawful, leading to penalties. Therefore, always seek experts for this job.

Contact 123 Oil for waste oil collection in Lancashire. We are an insured oil disposal company, having highly skilled and experienced waste oil collectors to collect and dispose of the oil. Our crew adopt advanced and the safest techniques, providing sustainable used oil pickup services.

How Do We Collect Waste Oil?

When you contact us for commercial waste oil collection in Lancashire, we go the extra mile to provide satisfactory services. The steps our team follows to collect waste oil from your site are:


When you reach out to our team, we first inspect your fuel to come out with the best possible solutions. This inspection is a technical assessment, involving testing and analysis, of the used oil to evaluate its condition.

Developing a Plan

Once we finish the assessment, the next step is developing a plan to remove the waste oil or fuel safely. We keep all risks in mind and use different tools and techniques to mitigate them.

Removal of Oil

We have highly skilled professionals for waste oil removal from the storage tanks. They collect the oil from tanks and remove all the residues. 

Degassing the Tank

Once the oil is removed, we degas the tanks, ensuring no flammable vapours remain in them.

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How Do We Treat Waste Oil After Collecting It?

We provide eco-friendly waste oil disposal services, ensuring this hazardous waste poses no environmental and human danger. After collection, we adopt the following practices for old oil disposal.


Based on the condition of the waste oil, we take it to a refinery and recycle it for further use. Recycling usually involves dewatering, filtering, and distillation of oil. At 123 Oil, we offer all types of oil recycling, including:

  • Hydraulic oil recycling
  • Cooking oil recycling
  • Engine waste oil recycling
  • Kerosene oil recycling
  • Industrial oil recycling


We may recondition your site’s used oil by adding chemicals to prolong its life. It involves the removal of contaminants from the oil to make it reusable.


When the oil is not in the condition to be recycled or reconditioned, we dispose of it appropriately. Our skilled workers use separate tanks to dispose of different oils. We adhere to the regulations during commercial oil disposal to avoid penalties and legal actions.

Why Choose 123 Oil?

  • We are a licenced and insured company, providing services for years, and have the glory of satisfied customers.
  • Our highly trained workers provide used oil collection services tailored to your requirements.
  • We strictly adhere to the used oil waste management regulations and offer compliant services.
  • For your satisfaction, we provide all paperwork, ensuring the collection and disposal are according to legislative standards.
  • We are available 24/7 to answer all your queries.
Waste Oil Collection


Specific legislations apply to waste oil disposal in the UK to keep the environment safe. Hazardous waste, environmental protection, and pollution control regulations are applied. Following them is mandatory to avoid fines. At 123 Oil, we understand these regulations and adhere to them.

When oil quality is compromised either by contamination or continuous usage, and it is no longer useable, it becomes waste.

When disposing of the used oil, you must:

  • Use specific tanks and containers for oil.
  • Label all the containers or tanks.
  • Pay special attention to leaks and repair them immediately.

We at 123 Oil consider all these standards when collecting and disposing of waste oil.

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