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C2 Grade Fuel Oil Specifications


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C2-grade fuel oil, also known as C2 kerosene and regular kerosene, is more widely available than C1 kerosene. It is widely used in heating applications and industrial processes that require low-sulphur-content fuel. Our C2 kerosene strictly meets the requirements of BS 2869 standards and is supplied all across the UK at competitive prices.

Below is the table that describes the chemical and physical specifications of C2-grade fuel oil.

You can learn more about these standards in our fuel specification guide.

AppearanceClear & bright, pale yellow, free from visible sediments
Char value(1)mg/kg15
Copper corrosion (2 hrs at 100°C)Class11
Density at 15°Ckg/m³0.750.840.8
Distillation recovery
at 200°C% (v/v)15
at 210°C% (v/v)90
at 240°C% (v/v)50
Electrical conductivity at 250°CpS/m50200
Final boiling point°C300
Flashpoint (PMCC)°C38
Gross calorific value(2)MJ/kg45.9
Kinematic viscosity at 40°Cmm²/s12
Net calorific value(2)MJ/kg43
Smoke pointmm19
Specific volumeLit/tonne1220
Sulphur% (m/m)0.10.02
Water contentmg/kg200<100


Download C2 Grade Fuel Oil Specifications in PDF here.

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