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BS 2869 Fuel Oil Specifications


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BS 2869 governs the specifications of fuel oils used in agricultural, residential and industrial machinery, static engines and boilers. It, however, differs from EN590 in specifications and can be further categorised into 4 grades, i.e.:

We have explained the specifications of these fuels below.

You can learn more about these standards in our fuel specifications guide.

A2 Grade Fuel Oil

A2 grade fuel oil is the most suitable fuel type for off-road vehicles and static machinery. It is low in sulphur and can be blended with a 7% content of biofuel to lower the greenhouse gases if the fuel does not need to fulfil EN 590 specifications. It can also come with an optional high cetane number. Red diesel is the most commonly used A2 grade fuel in the UK.

A2 Grade Fuel Oil Specifications


D Grade Fuel Oil

D-grade fuel oil is commonly used for furnaces, boilers and old machinery. It has a high sulphur content (1000 ppm). 123 Oil supplies red diesel meeting the D-grade specifications, to its customers all across the UK.

D Grade Fuel Oil Specifications

C1 Grade Fuel Oil

C1-grade fuel oil specifications are generally required for home heating oil. This is the highest grade of fuel that is being used in kerosene-fueled boilers in domestic settings. We are supplying the C1 kerosene that meets BS 2869 specifications in the UK.

C1 Grade Fuel Oil Specifications

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C2 Grade Fuel Oil

Also known as home heating oil (HHO), C2 standard fuel oil is the most commonly used heating oil in domestic settings. We are providing high-performance heating oil for homes as well as Kleenburn Kerosene that meets C2 standards of BS 2869.

C2 Grade Fuel Oil Specifications

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