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DERV White Diesel FAQ’s

Derv white Diesel

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What is white diesel or DERV?

White diesel and DERV are two names of the same fuel. DERV is the most commonly used fuel type in passenger and transport vehicles with diesel engines, such as vans, lorries, boats and trains.

What is the full form of DERV?

The full form of DERV is “Diesel Engine Road Vehicle”. This name is generally used to differentiate between red and white diesel.

Are there other names of DERV?

Other names of DERV include:

  • Road Diesel
  • Road DERV
  • White Diesel
  • Diesel
  • ULSD or Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.

What is DERV used for?

DERV is typically used to power road vehicles. In the United Kingdom, it has the highest demand, and you will find it at every petrol station. White diesel, or DERV, is also used to fuel commercial engines, power generators, and residential heating systems. In 2020 alone, 25 billion litres of white diesel were sold, twice the petrol consumed in the same year.

Is ‘white diesel’ white?

Although DERV is called white diesel, its colour is not really white. It has an amber or clear green colour.

Is white diesel illegal?

The UK government recently changed the regulations regarding red diesel, which has confused many people about the usage of white diesel. It is pertinent to mention that these regulations or changes do not apply to white diesel, and it is perfectly legal to utilise white diesel.

Can tractors and diggers run on white diesel?

White diesel is a versatile fuel and has several uses. Apart from its common uses in the UK, it can run heavy vehicles like tractors and diggers. The April 2022 legislation affected the construction industry by restricting it from consuming red diesel. Therefore, many construction companies have switched to alternatives such as white diesel.

Are white and red diesel the same?

White and red diesel have the same chemical structure, and both can be used to fuel the same vehicles, engines, and equipment.

Does DERV contain FAME?

DERV typically contains 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), as required under RTFO obligations. However, FAME attracts water and, therefore, promotes the growth of biomass, sludge, and diesel bugs. This can seriously reduce its quality and may lead to engine breakages and clogged filters. Additives can be used to address this problem.

Can I store white diesel at home?

Yes, you can store white diesel at home if you comply with building and environmental regulations. You can store up to 10 litres in a plastic tank, 20 litres in a metal tank, and 30 litres in a demountable fuel tank. If you want to store more than 30 but less than 275 litres, you must inform the PEA (Petroleum Enforcement Authority) in writing.

How do you store white diesel safely?

Try storing your fuel in the open air. Otherwise, ensure proper ventilation and a direct exit. Never store fuel inside your house. Keep your storage tank away from heat sources.

How long can I store the white diesel?

White diesel tends to degrade over time and becomes vulnerable to contaminants and diesel bugs. Storing it for more than a year in normal conditions is not recommended. However, with extra care and precautions, its storage life can be extended.

Is there any method to clean the diesel contamination?

Yes, diesel contamination can be cleaned through fuel polishing, where the fuel is pumped into a machine to remove the contaminants. This process can be carried out on-site for minor contamination. However, you may have to uplift the fuel for off-site fuel polishing in case of extensive contamination.

Are there any grades in white diesel?

Yes, white diesel is categorised into two grades, i.e., summer and winter. The key difference between both grades is that the winter grade fuel comes with additives that render it adaptable to cold temperatures.

How much is white diesel/DERV fuel?

It is worth noting that its price can vary depending on multiple factors, including international conflicts, market conditions and supply and demand. These factors make it difficult to provide a solid figure for white diesel.

How much is white diesel in bulk?

Buying white diesel in bulk quantities can prove beneficial in monetary terms. You may save a significant amount of money in terms of carriage and other factors. However, keep in mind that the cost of buying white diesel in bulk can also change based on the aforementioned factors – international conflicts, market conditions and supply and demand.

How much VAT is applied to white diesel?

In the UK, the standard rate of VAT is applied on white diesel as it is applied to other fuels, such as petrol, bioethanol and biodiesel. The current fuel duty in the UK is 20% as of 2022.

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